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Thirst No More Corporation (TNMC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the State of Maryland. With initiatives in the Baltimore-Washington area and projects extending beyond our borders, we are grateful for our past accomplishments. And we are excited about the future of our organization! The following explains our main areas of focus:

Community Empowerment

In our nation, the issue of local poverty often gets lost among empty rhetoric and lack of sensitivity. We

believe that meeting the tangible needs of the poor can enact positive change within a community.

Through hosting events, raising awareness, sponsoring giveaways, and more, we are able to connect

vital resources to people living below the poverty line.

Humanitarian Aid

We believe that every human has a right to the basic necessities of clean water, education, food,

clothing, and medical treatment. Unfortunately, in many countries around the world, people suffer from

the lack of these basic provisions. Our organization is committed to providing humanitarian aid in

countries suffering from extreme poverty. Over the years, we have provided humanitarian aid in Africa

and Central America through a variety of efforts including construction projects, educational resource

provision, computer distribution, fresh water projects, food distribution, and more. As a result, we have

helped hundreds of people in foreign countries by providing much needed assistance.

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