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Protective Fencing To Prevent Land Piracy in Kenya


My organization Thirst No More Corporation (TNMC), in collaboration with Change Destiny Life Africa, requires protective fencing for a piece of land in Naivasha, Kenya, that has been acquired for the educational advancement of street children. The land is currently vulnerable to land grabbers, a common issue in Kenya, who unlawfully occupy undeveloped properties without clear ownership. This initiative aims to urgently tackle this pressing issue.


Since gaining independence on December 12, 1963, approximately 200,000 land titles have been generated as a result of land grabbing in Kenya. This practice involves the unauthorized transfer of public land to private individuals and companies, completely ignoring the public good. Key problems include conflicting land ownership claims and contradictory documentation. Addressing these conflicts through legal channels can be a protracted and costly endeavor. Consequently, numerous individuals in rural areas find themselves forcibly evicted.


My research has shown that the installation of this protective fencing has been shown to be the most efficient method of deterring land grabbers. With numerous investors considering Africa as the final frontier for affordable land, and many African governments associating foreign direct investment with fostering economic development. Consequently, entire communities are displaced from their land to accommodate hydropower plants, agro-industrial plantations, mining activities, and other extensive projects, a situation addressed by the fencing.

Long-Term Impact

  1. The potential long-term effects of implementing protective fencing include: Enhancing property rights, which encompass the legal structure safeguarding individuals' and communities' rights to own, utilize, and manage land.

  2. Facilitating efficient land-use planning, a procedure that entails designating and managing land for various purposes, like agriculture, housing, and conservation.

My Hope

I have dedicated numerous hours collaborating with key administrators to plan for Change Destiny Life Africa. Together, we have devised a strategic roadmap for the next 3-5 years, aimed at establishing and maintaining an educational campus catering to students from kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as offering vocational and university programs. This initiative is particularly focused on providing support to street children and orphans. Our vision is to accommodate around 3,000 youth, with funding sourced from various projects such as constructing affordable housing and implementing solar farming for additional income. Ultimately, the project aims for sustainability and economic stability for future generations. For more information on our efforts to secure the property we currently own and to contribute generously, please refer to the details below:

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